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St. Petersburg

Country Safety
Country Safety Index Countries rated from o-100, where the lower number = less safe and higher number = more safe
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Cost of Living
Hotel Prices
There are over 6700 hotels in St. Petersburg
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Monthly Rental Prices Prices shown in USD
St. Petersburg
$ 521.27
Food Cost Prices shown in USD
St. Petersburg
$ 5.21
$ 8.68
$ 34.74
- Fast Food Meal Cost
- Inexpensive Restaurant Cost
- Mid-Range Restaurant Cost
Cost of Going to a Cinema Prices shown in USD
St. Petersburg
$ 6.08
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Top Attractions
  • Church of the Savior on State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral State Museum-Memorial
  • Grand Palace (Peterhof)
  • Palais et Parc Catherine (Pushkin)
  • Cathedrale navale Saint-Nicolas de Kronstadt (Kronshtadt)
  • Place du Palais (Dvortsovaya Ploshchad)
  • Grand Maket Russia Interactive Museum
  • Musee Faberge
Top Shopping Centers Malls, markets, etc
  • Yeliseev's Food Hall (Yeliseevskiy Gastronom)
  • Galeria Shopping Mall
  • Gostiny Dvor
  • Oceanarium Planete Neptune
  • Maker Design Loft
  • Passage Shopping Arcade
  • Maker Design Loft
  • Shopping-Entertainment Center Grand Kanon
  • Mall South Pole
  • Okhta Mall
  • House of Leningrad Trade
Top Museums and Galleries
  • State Hermitage Museum and Winter Palace
  • St. Isaac's Cathedral State Museum-Memorial
  • Palais et Parc Catherine (Pushkin)
  • Grand Maket Russia Interactive Museum
  • Musee Faberge
  • State Russian Museum
  • Peterhof State Museum Preserve (Peterhof)
  • The Bath Block (Peterhof)
  • Kazan Cathedral
  • Yusupov Palace on Moika
Top Nightlife Spots Neighborhoods / districts, famous bars or clubs, etc
  • City Pub Crawl Saint-Petersburg
  • Commode | Club & Self Cost Bar
  • UNION Bar & Grill
  • Jimi Hendrix Blues Club
  • Pif Paf Bar
  • Daiquiri Bar
  • Beergeek Craft Beer Bar & Store
  • The Idiot
  • The BOX Hookah Bar
Notable Parks
  • Palais et Parc Catherine (Pushkin)
  • Pavlovsk Palace and Park (Pavlovsk)
  • Park And Gardens of Peterhof (Peterhof)
  • Gatchina Palace and Park
  • Aleksandria Historical Park (Peterhof)
  • Kirov Central Park of Culture and Recreation
  • Alexander Park (Pushkin)
  • Summer Garden (Letny Sad) and Summer Palace of Peter I
  • Park Of The 300th Anniversary Of St. Petersburg
  • Zelenogorsk Recreation Park (Zelenogorsk)
Highest Building
Tower Lider = 140 m
Public Transportation Options
  • Metro
  • Tram
  • Bus
  • Trolleybus
  • Marshrukta
  • Taxi
  • Aquabus
Uber and Alternatives Reliable non-public transportation options
  • Uber
  • Yandex Taxi
  • GetTaxi
Internet Connection Average Internet connection speed in the country
10.2 Mb/s
Internet Availability Percentage of the population of the country with access to the Internet
73.4 %
State / Province / Region of the country
Nearest Bodies of Water
  • Lebyazhiy Canal
  • Old Tampa Bay
  • Middle Tampa Bay
  • Lower Tampa Bay
5,323,300 people
as of 2017
Russian, others
% English Speakers Percentage of the population of the country that can speak English fluently
5.48 %
Smoking Age Age where you can legally buy cigarettes in this country
City Religious Breakdown % of the population in top religious groups
  • 95% Russian Orthodoxy
  • 5% Muslims
  • 1% Catholics
  • 1% Jews
Other Info
Geo Coordinates
59.93428°N 30.3351°E
Parent Territory

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