Types of Luggage Needed for a Family Vacation
Packing for a family vacation depends on many factors: the number of day you are going to spend together, whether you have small children with you, and how many, whether you are roughing it or out for a treat. However, when it is a family vacation, there are a few types of luggage that will make your entire trip easier to deal with.
Smart packing with the right luggage can save you a lot of time and effort while on the road, so that you can enjoy yourself with your family, which is definitely the most important part of the experience!
The Main Luggage

The extra-large main luggage are what's going to hold all your vacation clothes, shoes and everything else you are going to need on your trip – yours and your children. Usually airlines allow one or two luggage per person, but if you are travelling with young children, it is better to limit your suitcases to two or three, since they might prove to be a handful when you'll have to carry your children as well.

Kids' clothing do not take up much space, and a few of their outfits can be easily tucked into the suitcase carrying your own clothes. Be sure to pack some warm clothes and extra shoes for your kids as well; you never know what you might end up needing. Unless you are travelling for weeks, there isn't need for a lot of clothes for each person. You can even keep some space for the souvenir and gift you will be picking up everywhere.
The Backup/Hand Luggage
You will be carrying the backup/hand luggage around with you, so they need to be lightweight and only contain the most basic stuffs. One set of outfit per person in case your luggage gets lost, emergency documents, allergy medications, expensive items – these should all be inside your hand luggage so that you have access to them at any moment needed.

If you have your young children with you and they are picky eaters who refuse even the most delicious items on the menu, their particular snack items should always be with you wherever you are. Baby food, milk and nibbling food, diapers, wipes and lotions – all necessary items to be put inside the hand luggage while travelling with an infant.

The Backpack

Both mommies and daddies need a backpack when travelling with their families, mainly to hold everything that is irreplaceable, like the passports, other important documents, cash and credit cards, phones, and wallets. Even if everything else is lost while travelling, this backpack (or, a purse) should not stray away. They should be kept with the person at all times, under the strictest guidance.

Young children should not be allowed to carry any cash (a small amount is fine) with them, or their own passports, no matter how reliable they are. Important documents should always be with the parents or the person in charge, and they should always be close at hand. If you are carrying life-saving drugs that you might need at any moment, they should also be inside the backpack or the purse rather than in the hand luggage.
The Kiddy Luggage
Kiddy luggage are adorable and they are a good practice for when your children grow up. These luggage bags shouldn't be too heavy or too big, but just the right size for your children to pull them with ease. A T-shirt or two, a toy or a coloring book – that's all these lightweight books should hold. There should be nothing irreplaceable or expensive in these bags because there is every chance they might get lost in the way. These are simply extra bags to hold basically nothing, but something that your kid will love pushing around just like mommy or daddy, and feel like a grownup.

Never underestimate the importance of well-packed, suitable luggage of the right size and weight. When you have everything you need with you on your travels, it is easier to be carefree, happy and content! Just remember these four kinds of luggage on your next family vacation, and have the time of your life with your loved ones!

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