Top Things to See in New York
So, you're coming to New York City, the most populous city in the USA and one of the greatest cities in the whole world. There are literally millions of things to see and do here. Check out these top 8 attractions and start exploring the city!
The Statue of Liberty
The largest statue in the United States and one of the most famous American symbols, Lady Liberty is located on Liberty Island and offers picturesque views of the skyline. Make sure to buy tickets in advance because this is one of the globe's most popular tourist attractions.
The Empire State Building
The Empire State Building was built in 1931, an impressive feat for a its 102 stories. A hallmark to American business and one of the center of one of the most well known skylines in the world, the Empire State Building can give you a unique chance to the view of Manhattan from above. Besides, it is an example of great architecture and engineering.
Fifth Avenue
Want to have the best shopping experience ever? Turn to Fifth Avenue. If you've got the cash to burn, world famous designers, luxury boutiques, and sport shops can be found here - that's what it's all about. Besides, some of New York's most famous buildings, such as Rockefeller Center or St. Patrick's Cathedral, are situated along Fifth Avenue. If you are more thrifty or just not interested in shopping, people-watching on Fifth can lead to some spectacular celebrity sitings.
South Street Seaport
Historic Manhattan architecture, museums, the former Fulton Fish Market, historic ships, and lots of stores and restaurants are what you will find at the South Street Seaport. Also, this place allows you to see the East River and the Brooklyn Bridge. This is just a fun place to wander around and try something new.
Wall Street
A district of serious global business, Wall Street is home to some seriously impressive skyscrapers, money cases, and men in suits. A walk along this street will let you feel the atmosphere of those movies about bankers and multi-billion dollar deals.
Times Square
No tourist's visit to New York would be complete without visiting Times Sqaure (although you wouldn't find local New Yorkers caught dead here). You've seen its giant billboards many times in different movies. You've heard the beeping sounds of dozens of taxis. It's Time Square - an intersection of entertainment and commerce. Keep an eye out for the Naked Cowboy and other bizarre and hilarious performance artists here!
Whether you like theater or not, a visit to New York is not complete without seeing a Broadway show. The district has that special atmosphere of art and inspiration. If you want discount tickets, see if you can participate in a ticket lottery (only available for specific shows) or check out rush sales right before curtain.
Central Park
After you have seen all the stone landmarks of New York, don't forget to visit Central Park. It's unbelievable how this wonderful piece of nature survives in the rhythm of the busy city. Rent a bike, take a horse-drawn carriage, or sun yourself on one of the many lawns.
New York truly is a wonderful place full of interesting sights and landmarks known around the world. So, try to visit as many attractions as possible to make the most of your New York vacation.

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