Top Things to See in Cancun
Cancun is mostly associated with crazy nightlife, American spring-breakers, and beautiful sandy beaches. Although these are certainly essential to Cancun's tourism, there is more to do here than drinking mojitos and sunbathing. Check out these top Cancun attractions and start enjoying your Mexican getaway.
Chichen Itza
Chichen Itza is a few hours' ride away from Cancun city proper, but well-worth the trek. Historically one of the largest and diverse Mayan cities, this archaeological site is one of the best examples of a wide variety of architectural styles. It gives a picture of political, sociocultural, economic, and ideological life in the northern Maya lowlands, and the main pyramid in these ruins has been declared a Wonder of World. If you go with a tour guide, you will undoubtedly get more of a well-rounded learning experience, regardless of whether you are a history buff or not.
La Isla Shopping Village
If you're the kind of traveler that likes to get a unique souvenir (or twelve) from your vacation, the La Isla Shopping Village will be to your taste. You can got lost in this outdoor shopping mall, browsing local vendors or luxury boutiques. When you want to put up your feet, watch the sun set with some Mexican food and drink in one of the many seaside restaurants. Even if you're not in a spendy mood, this is a lovely area to walk around, people watch, and browse.
Playa Delfines
Known as one of the best beaches in Cancun, this place will be a paradise for those who want crystal clear water, clean white sands, and few crowds. Although this is a public beach, the area is dominated by luxury hotels and resorts and is a bit of ways away from the city center, meaning that this strip of water is usually clear of the party crowds and local vendors. This makes it perfect for families and people who want to get away from it all.
Coco Bongo Cancun
If you're looking for a nightlife experience to remember, it makes sense to go to the best show in town - and that's Coco Bongo, hands down. You can enjoy performances of live bands, acrobats, and dancers in colorful elaborate costumes, and you'll be dancing away by the end of the night. Combined with confetti, balloons, and drinks of all kinds, it's not hard to get into the celebration mood. Although the price of admission is a bit steep, there is an open bar included with your ticket price (although there is no food served inside, so make sure to eat beforehand). As well, beware of scalpers - buy your ticket directly from the Coco Bongo website.
Dolphin Discovery
Swimming with dolphins is one of those "bucket list" items that you want to do at least once in your lifetime. In Cancun, with its white sand and green palm trees, there are several opportunities and companies that will cross this item off your list. To reach the destination, you'll have to take a catamaran ferry from Cancun, which is a wonderful experience in itself. Dolphin Discovery specializes in customer service and treats the dolphins well, too - however, you will not be able to take photos and you'll be charged extra for a photography package.
Cancun is a Mexican paradise located on the marvelous Gulf shore, a city with all of the amenities and luxuries of a Caribbean island resort, but with its own local flavor. Whether you're a spring break party-goer, a couple looking for a romantic getaway, or a family escaping from the snow and cold of the north, everyone can find something enjoyable about Cancun.

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