Top 6 Foods to Eat in Rome
People go to Rome for two reasons: the relics and recipes! But even after all the pizza you can eat and all the historical sites you can visit, there are tons of other local foods in Rome that shouldn't be missed. Rome is renowned for its local cuisine (more than just pizza and pasta!). No foodie should miss out on these!
Pizza Bianca is a kind of pizza, but better. This is a famous foccacia style pizza "bread" that is popular as breakfast in Rome. It is salty, fluffy, crispy and extremely light to eat. Pizza Bianca literally translates to "white pizza"; it doesn't contain any cheese or sauce. Filled with olive oil, bread dough is baked directly in the oven, and salt is drizzled on top to give it a salty taste. Eaten fresh, it is one of the most filling and delicious bread found in Rome.
If there's anything more popular in Rome after pizza, it's Carbonara. All over the city, a number of restaurants are famous for amazing Carbonara dishes, but the most popular ones are Flavio de Velavevodetto, Roscioli and Da Danillo.
Frittrs are deep fried rice balls filled with mozarella cheese and ragu. There is no better appetizer than this is the whole of Rome. It doesn't take much time to gobble up an entire plate of Frittrs as appetizer, or you can make it your entire meal. The best frittrs in Rome are from I Suppli, which is a takeaway joint in Trastevere.
If you like spicy flavors, there's nothing better for you then Flori de Zucci. This is a deep fried dish where zucchini flowers are battered and stuffed with mozzarella cheese and anchovies. Mainly served as an appetizer, Flori de Zucchi is a popular dish in Rome, a favorite of many.
Hand-rolled noodles topped with plenty of salty cheese, black pepper and pasta-drenched water makes Cacio de Pepe. This is a popular vegetarian dish in Rome - a creamy and cheesy spaghetti dish. It is savoury rather than truly spicy,as the only flavor coming from the pepper and the cheese. Cacio de Pepe is most famous from De Felice, a renowned restaurant in Rome where the waiters mix the noodles right at the tables after ordering.
Of course, no trip to Rome can be complete without a filling dessert of Gelato. The best place for homemade Gelato is at Fatamorgana, where you can find both the original classic flavors as well as a few adventurous ones, like carrot cake, gorgonzola, tobacco-chocolate and basil-with-walnut. All their ice-cream flavors are organic and gluten-free, and oh so delicious.
A trip to Rome definitely means bingeing on the amazing food this city has to offer, as well as to see the various historical and cultural sites. Rome is an astounding place that no traveler should miss, and while there, this is a foodie paradise that should be on everyone's bucket list.

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