Things You Can Leave At Home When Packing
Packing differs for different people; some of us are quite happy to carry just a backpack while some of us need at least a few suitcases for a few days of travelling. Some people takes minutes to pack for a trip and some take days. However, there are some things we all make the mistake of packing that we end up not needing. It is definitely going to save us a lot of trouble if we know exactly what.
So, if you don't want to carry a heavy luggage full of things you don't need on a trip remember NOT to pack these four things.
Too Many Clothes, Extra Shoes

Unless we are travelling for a photo shoot, no one needs too much clothes on a trip. Two pairs of jeans, a few T-shirts, clean underwear and a few pair of socks – that's all we need for a casual trip. When we are taking thousands of pictures every day, it doesn't matter what we are wearing, but what matters is the surrounding. We are not going to remember our clothes when we think back on our adventures, but the amount of fun we had. Besides, there are many ways to diversify a simple outfit with scarves and simple jackets that will take a small space in our luggage but help us a lot.

The pair that you are wearing and a backup – that's the total number of shoes you need to pack while you are traveling. Unless you have to attend a formal invitation or a presentation; if that is the case, you might need an additional pair. Do you really need to carry shoes to match your everyday outfits? Not really! A versatile, strong pair is all you need. If that gets lost, stolen or damaged, the backup would come in handy. You definitely don't need any more than that. Shoes are heavy and add extra weight to your luggage, and they take up a lot of space.
Jewelry, Watches and Valuables
As a tourist, you don't need to wear impressive jewelry or designer watches with your casual outfits. A pendent, a regular bracelet and wedding rings for those who have it – that's all the average traveler needs. What's the use of carrying around expensive jewelry that you are probably going to wear for about 5 minutes? Besides, there'll always be the fear of losing them or getting mugged.

Who needs a watch, let alone an expensive designer watch, when your phone can always show you the time and date?


Most hotels provide shampoos, conditioners, toothpaste, toothbrush and body washes for the guests. Even if they don't, these toiletries are available everywhere in the world, even at the most remote areas. If there is something special that you need as per prescription by a dermologist, then by all means, do carry the necessities. However, you probably won't need to carry jumbo-sized bottles for them. Special travel packs are available everywhere that you can use to carry a small amount of shampoo or conditioner that you might need. A few milliliters of each would last a few days easily!
Who uses makeup when they are on a holiday? Almost no one! Unless you are a model or an internationally famous person who needs to disguise themselves, just the basic necessities would be enough. A favorite shade of lipstick, a powder and some mascara and eyeliner maybe! Do you really need to carry ten shades of lipstick and 14 shades of nail polish? Of course, don't forget the sunscreen is you are heading off to someplace exotic.

Packing is one of the most fun parts of travelling, but we can end up packing a lot of unnecessary items that would do nothing but increase the weight of your luggage. Be careful that you don't end up carrying something unimportant and excess and you can have a better time on your trips!

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