Taking Care of Your Hair While Travelling
When you are having the adventure of our lives, you ideally want to fun and to stay looking gorgeous at the same time. For both men and women, hygiene and personal care can sometimes fall by the wayside, especially when roughing it or constantly being on the road. Travelling requires compromises at times, but it certainly doesn't mean that your hair has to look dirty or messy in the pictures. Plus, looking clean and put together can sometimes get you a plane ticket upgrade or a discounted drink.

Here are 6 ways to take care of your hair while travelling, ways that won't require much time or effort.
Always drink plenty of water on your travels, because the first signs of dehydration will be on your hair. As long as you keep drinking water, your hair will stay moisturized and smooth; especially when you are travelling to exotic, tropical countries, water is going to be your hair's best friend. At least 8 to 10 glasses of water is required every 24 hours to keep both your body and your hair healthy-looking.
Whenever possible, use conditioner on your travels. Even if you are roughing it, try to sneak in both a shampoo and a conditioner inside your backpack. Using shampoo will only clean your hair but it will also leave your hair dry; using conditioner will make it more hydrated and healthier-looking. If you get 10 minutes to take a shower, use at least 5 of them to apply conditioner to your hair.
Always keep your hair covered when directly under the sun or in extremely humid climate. Direct sunlight can damage your hair severely unless you keep it covered with a hat or a scarf (for women, mostly). At the same time, if you happen to sweat a lot in such climate, be sure to give your hair a good wash with shampoo – and conditioner, of course – after you return to your hotel room.
Carry dry shampoo when you want your hair to look good but don't have the time for a wash. A good dry shampoo will make your make look clean and freshly washed for hours after a single use, remove oiliness and make it bouncy. These shampoos are great for hectic business travels where you might have to attend meetings or give presentations. However, it is important to get a good treatment for your hair after you return.
Be aware of chlorine from swimming pools and salt in the air from beaches. Both chlorine and salt can damage hair, make it look dull and lose its shine, lead to frizz and split ends. A spray conditioner every now and then can help get some of the shine back. It is important that you thoroughly wash your hair in the shower after a swim in the swimming pool or in the ocean, and of course, use conditioner. If that's not possible, try to wear a plastic cap when you get into the water.
Keep your hair tied up whenever possible. Whenever not taking a glamorous photograph in front of an iconic monument, keep your hair tied up in a braid or a bun. This goes for both men and women with long hair, definitely! If you happen to sweat a lot inside your bundled up hair, remember to wash and condition as often as possible. Flowing hair will result in a lot of tangles, especially if you don't get the time to brush often.
Both you and your hair can look good while you are having the time of your life on your travels. You won't have to spend too much time or effort in hair care while travelling if you just follow these simple tricks, and look absolutely beautiful in your photos.

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