Small But Must-Have Items to Carry While Travelling
You can be a light traveler or have three suitcases, but there are some things that you CANNOT forget to carry while travelling if you want everything to go smoothly. Immediately after your passport, cash and camera – these are the small but important items that can make your tours a disaster, or something to always cherish.
Medicines are a must, especially if you are suffering from any kind of ailments or troubles. Asthma, migraine, high blood pressure, diabetes, even headaches or menstrual cramps – these are daily ailments that can strike at any time and should not be discounted in a foreign country. What it means that we have to remember to pick up the required medication for wherever we are going. Headache relief medication, inhalers, and medications for an upset stomach or slight fever – these are essential parts of a well-packed traveler. Plus, never underestimate the importance of a few band-aids and disinfectant in a well-stocked first aid kit.

Even if your phone is reliable and has a long lasting battery, always remember to carry a power bank. Especially if you are roughing it out on a solo journey or with a bunch of friends. Charge both your phone and your power bank whenever you get the chance, because you might not get the chance often. A fully charged power bank can save your life when your phone is on the verge of dying. Remember that power banks are not allowed in checked luggage on most airlines.
Socks, a generous supply of underwear or swimming gear, belts, extra pair of flip flops, hair bands, sun glasses, wash clothes – these are the small items we usually forget but are extremely important while traveling. These are things that you can find anywhere in the world but perhaps not when you need them the most. It's better to carry them with you because you might end up needing them at a moment's notice.
Tampons or pads are often forgotten about, but are obviously crucial if you menstruate (and may be tricky to find once abroad, depending on where you are going). Your period might always be on time, but it is also a good idea to carry a supply with you jut in case.
Keep your essential toiletries and cosmetics handy in travel-size packs or small containers. This includes shampoo, face wash, lotion, cream and moisturizers, shaving kit, etc. You may not have the time or the opportunity to shop for your preferred brands while travelling. Besides, you'll only need a small amount (much less than you think you need) that you can easily carry with you without any fuss.
The right scarf, hats and jewelry – these are what you can use to bring a change to your simple wardrobe on a tour. Even when you are packing casual shorts and T-shirts, the right accessories can make you look different in every picture. A a simple scarf can be used to create a number of looks, along with a statement necklace or a sunhat or two. Scarves and hats are light, easy to pack, and can protect your ears and neck from the sun in hot tropical locations. They don't have to be expensive or fancy, just the perfect ones to suit your personality.
Be sure to carry some wet wipes and a travel-size hand sanitizer bottle. Planes are notorious for being packed with germs, so wipe down the tray table, seat belt buckle, TV screen, and other commonly touched surfaces before you take off. Use hand sanitizer liberally before eating, after using the restroom, and after touching germy surfaces to avoid getting sick on your travels. As well, a couple of ziploc bags can save your phone, power bank, wallet and passport from the rain or water bottle spills.
There's nothing like seeing new things and experiencing new places. With careful planning and smart packing, you can make your travels even more perfect, and spend a few days worth remembering for the rest of your life.

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