Safety Tips for Solo Travelers
Traveling alone can have a number of great benefits - it's truly a rewarding experience to be able to set your own schedule and do what you want, on your own time. People tend to avoid solo travel because they are under the impression that they would be bored without fellow travelers, and that traveling alone is dangerous. The truth is that its easy to travel solo if you simply follow some simple safety tips.
There are some basic common sense things that apply to safety at home as well as abroad, such as the importance of being careful with strangers, not disclosing information about where you live, where you're heading, and other travel plans. But there also are some less obvious things you should know.

When you're preparing traveling on your own, it's important to pack your bags wisely. That includes distributing all your valuables. For example, don't keep your money, credit cards, and electronics all in one compartment of your suitcase. If you're traveling with a carry-on and a suitcase, have some money in both of them so that if one gets stolen or lost, you wouldn't be left completely penniless.

Wherever you go, always keep your belongings in sight, especially when you're using public transport or standing in line. It looks silly, but wearing your knapsack on your front is the best way to avoid getting pick-pocketed or having your bag slashed. If you need to put your luggage on the ground, put it right between your legs, or better yet keep it on your lap. Don't let taxi drivers load valuables in the trunk - keep your laptop bag on the seat with you. Also, keep your valuables locked in your suitcase if possible while you go out. Bear in mind that cleaning staff often have access to hotel safes, so they are not as secure as they claim to be.
Airports and railway stations are places where taxi drivers are waiting for you to order their services. When you're on your way to a new city, you're better off ordering a taxi beforehand via a mobile app or from a registered taxi company than hailing one off the street, especially when you're traveling alone. Fake an unlicensed taxis are rampant where tourists are plentiful - it's easy to get ripped off, or worse.

Try not to fall asleep when you're in a bus, a subway, or any other transport. If the trip is particularly long you just have to get some sleep, make sure your stuff is unreachable to anyone except for you. Never fall asleep with your phone in your hands. This also applies to planes - keep your most valuable items in between your legs or in the seat pouch in front of you, rather than in the overhead cabin.

Your Image

When you're on your own, how you carry yourself and appear to the locals is the best way to prevent theft and harassment. It's important that you don't look like a potential victim, even if you can't help looking like a tourist. Keep your camera tucked safely away, look up directions before you go somewhere, and learn a few keywords in the local language. It's always a good idea to learn about the culture before your trip begins so that you can dress and act like a local rather than a tourist.
If you're going to a particularly remote or dangerous location, don't be afraid to join a group. It's easy to find other tourists in online groups, or you can just walk into a busy pub and start making friends. Traveling alone doesn't have to be lonely!
By staying smart, it's easy to stay safe. Be aware of your surroundings, try not stand out, and make some friends. In addition, don't skimp on travel and medical insurance, and keep your documents with you at all times. With these few common sense tips, you'll have the solo travel experience of a lifetime.

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