How to Exercise While on a Cruise
Experts recommend at least 30 minutes of exercise every day, and a cruise is no excuse to skip your workout. Even if you have to get a little creative, a daily workout will keep you fresh and energized throughout your trip - especially when you are cooped up on the ship for extended periods of time, surrounded by giant greasy buffets and tons of snacking opportunities. Those reasons alone are enough to stay in shape while on vacation!
Fortunately, bigger cruise liners typically have gyms on board with a larger selection of modern equipment. On those ships, it's simply a matter of motivating yourself to go to the gym once a day for at least 30 minutes.

Even some of the smaller ships have facilities with workout equipment, but maybe not enough for a full workout, and the gym might be too crowded with other passengers. Still, try getting up a little earlier to beat the rush, or working out at off times during the day to avoid the crowd.

If the ship doesn't have a gym, or the equipment is inadequate, or the facility is too crowded, you'll have to find other sources of exercise. Luckily, staying active is easy (and fun!) when you're on a cruise. Here are a few ways to exercise on the ship and off the ship.
On The Ship...

Hit the gym. Okay, this one doesn't need much explaining. Make sure you scope out the gym to see what equipment is offered and plan your workout with those limitations in mind.

Work out in your room. Equipment and weights aren't required to get a good workout. You can easily do a quick body weight workout in your room, even if you need to rearrange the furniture a bit. If your room is too small, use the ship's deck to practice yoga or do a circuit workout.
Take the stairs. The big cruise ships nowadays have elevators, which is a great convenience for some people. But taking the stairs is also an excellent source of exercise, and it requires minimal effort. Avoid the elevators and take the stairs whenever possible to stay in shape while on your cruise vacation.

Swim. Seriously, it's that easy! Take a break from sunbathing to cool off in the pool, and use that opportunity to swim laps or join in on playtime with the kids. You'd be surprised how much exercise you can get in the pool without even realizing you're doing it!

Sign up for an activity or class. The best exercise you'll get on your cruise is the fun kind. If your ship offers fun physical activities, like volleyball, basketball, or tennis, a rock climbing wall, or group exercise classes, take advantage! These classes can fill up early, so make sure to sign up as soon after boarding as possible. You'll be able to stay in good health and still enjoy the best parts about cruising.
Off The Ship...
Skip the bus. Offshore activities sometimes include a bus tour of the port city, which can be a wonderful way to see the sites and experience the destination. But sitting on a bus is just like sitting on a cruise ship. Try a walking tour instead—you might be surprised to find that you end up more immersed in the culture than the bussers.

Take a hike. No, I'm not telling you to go away. I mean go on an actual hike! Hiking trails can lead to some of the best views of the landscape, plus its free exercise. Bring a packed snack or lunch to stay energized and enjoy your time with nature.

Go for a run. Running is a great activity both on and off the boat, but in case your ship isn't big enough to have a track or sufficient running distance, consider going on a run in the city dock at. Some cruise operators even offer "running tours" where they escort you on runs through historical sites and parks. Not a bad way to see the city, if you ask me!

Explore the water. Cruise vacations offer tons of ways to explore the water that couple as ways to exercise and stay active. You can go kayaking, snorkeling, scuba diving, surfing, paddle boarding, water skiing, and more—any of which would allow you to clock your daily amount of exercise all while having loads of fun.
Bonus Tip!
Designate a buddy! Worried you won't stay motivated to exercise, whether on or off the ship? Choose a travel companion to hold you accountable, and vice versa. Any fitness activity will be great bonding time, and force you to explore more of the ship and destinations together.
Most people associate cruises with relaxing, and don't consider keeping active while on vacation. In reality, physical fitness is hugely important, even when you're in "relax mode." So if you're planning a cruise, don't forget your tennis shoes! Your post-vacation self will thank you.

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