6 Great Ways to Kill Time at the Airport
Travelling is fun, exciting and adventurous, but there is the boring time between leaving your place and actually arriving at your destination. The few hours to kill before your plane takes off has a reputation of being boring, especially if you are traveling by yourself. So whether you are on a business trip or travelling for leisure, here are some great ways to kill time when waiting at the airport.
If it is a long flight, you are going to be cooped up inside the plane with very little exercise for a long time. The best way that you can kill time is to do some exercise before you board. Most international airports have a gym for passengers that you can use for a fee or if you are have access to premium lounges (usually by having a specific kind of credit card). You can also do plenty of body weight exercises standing or using floor space.

So, always keep an extra set of gym clothes in your hand luggage because you might need to use them during the wait, transit hours or if your flight is delayed. If you are not into exercising, you can at least take a hike around the airport. Airports are a great place to walk or even lightly jog, and get your body ready to sit for a long time afterwards.
If you are a reader, this is the perfect time to catch up on some of the titles you have missed recently. Almost all airports have a bookshop or at least a magazine stand that you can browse through. You might be surprised to find something by your favorite author that hasn't hit the regular bookshops yet! Besides, bookstores and magazine stands are perfect to stock up on some titles for you to read on the flight or during your vacation. If you are a frequent traveler and an avid reader, you can start a separate section on your bookshelf for books picked up at the airport.

You can also get a few magazines to browse through, or Sudoku books and puzzle books to work on during the flight. If you are travelling with a child, some coloring books and pencils would be a good idea for when they are bored during the flight.
Not all airlines serve a delicious meal, and so a good idea would be to grab something to eat before you board. Airports have a large number of local and international chain restaurants everywhere and it won't be difficult to find something you like. A cup of coffee is also a good idea before your plane takes off, especially if you need caffeine to keep a clear, focused head.

On the other hand, a few exclusive airlines do serve a great meal, something that you definitely shouldn't miss. If you are flying one such airline popular for its meals, a light snack or beverage before the flight is a better idea instead of a full lunch or dinner.
If there is anything that you've forgotten to pack for your vacation/business trip, or if you've forgotten a souvenir for a friend back home when returning, the airports are a great place for some last minute shopping. Most international airports resemble a large shopping mall these days and you can find anything in the numerous stores. From chocolates to souvenirs, designer brands to local artifacts – airport shops have everything for you.

If you are returning home after a trip, you might want to exhaust your remaining foreign currency shopping. Last minute chocolates, souvenirs and wine bottles can be a good gift for friends and family back home and you won't have to head down to the money exchange.
You might want to spend these few hours taking a nap if your holiday or business trip is going to be a hectic one. Airport lounges are a great place for a little nap if you have access to one, or the regular terminals would do. It helps if you are packing light for your tour. All you need is to keep a protective arm around your hand luggage or laptop bag and an eye mask, and you can easily pass a few restful hours before boarding your flight.

An alarm helps if you happen to be a deep sleeper, or you could ask another passenger to give you a nudge when it's time to board.
Perhaps the most perfect way to kill time at the airport is to talk to other travelers who are also heading the same way. They could be tourists or locals who live in the country you are going to visit, and they can help you with suggestions about the best places to stay at and the most popular restaurants to try out. You might end up making some friends this way and knowing some important facts about the place you are about to visit.
Spending time at the airport could be boring, or you could make it into a fun time, both for the solo traveler or the people traveling with friends/family. There are so many things that you can do at the airport; these are some extra hours that you have saved from your busy lifestyle to spend any way that you want to!

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