6 Amazing Cuisines to Try in Delhi, India
Delhi is one of the oldest cities of India, famous for not only its architecture and history, but for its food. For centuries, Delhi has been home to people from a number of countries and cultures, and has catered for their different palettes. At present, Delhi is the capital of India; you can get a surprisingly varied cuisine here, from Armenian to Mughal, Belgian to Chinese.
Inhabitants of Delhi have a lot to be thankful to the Mughals, and their cuisine definitely has to be one of them. A big part of Mughal cuisine comprises of kebabs, a dish that needs no introduction. Marinated in spices and grilled under fire, this non-vegetarian dish can be of a different types – sheek kebab, tikka, jail kebab, chicken tanagri, Beef Dora kebab, to name a few.

Since followers of Hinduism don't eat Beef, they are more inclined towards chicken; beef kebabs are more popular among the foreign visitors and Muslims of Delhi. There are a number of renowned restaurants that serve amazing kebab dishes in Delhi – i.e. Ghalib Kebab Corner in Nizamuddin, Karim's and Al Jawahar in Chadni Chawk, and Nizam's Kathi Kebab in Connaught Place.
Since Tibet is a neighboring country, its cuisine is quite popular in India, especially in Delhi. Hot momo are served with red chili sauce in a number of restaurants; equally popular are Tingmo, Shapta and beer made from fruits. Tiber Kitchen in Lajpat Nagar, Yo Tibet in Shafdarjung, Prema's, Tsumo and Phuntsok in Shahpur Jat, Yeti in Hauz Khas Village and Tee Dee in Majnu Ki Tila are notable Tibetan restaurants in Delhi.

If you are looking for something other than the usual Tibetan Momos, Rigo's in Majnu ki Tila is quite famous for seafood and spicy Tibetan curries.
Chinese cuisine is most definitely the most popular choice of foreign food in Delhi. This cuisine began its journey in India way before any other cuisines mentioned in this article, and have undergone more changes than remembered. Hardly any Chinese restaurants in Delhi served authentic Chinese dishes; they have all been more or less influenced by local preferences.

The China Kitchen in Ring Road is definitely the first place to try some authentic Chinese dishes; this place also serves alcohol at an exclusive wine bar. Other notable Chinese restaurants include The Golden Dragon opposite to the Panchasheel Club, the Nanking in Vasant Kunj, the House of Ming in Mansingh Road and Berco's in Connaught Place.
A number of South Indians live and work in Delhi, and prefer to eat food that are familiar to them, i.e. dishes from the South of the country. It is not only the South Indian natives who love this unique cuisine but almost everyone living in India. Fish moilee, Malabar Parota, Avial, Kotthu Parota, Mutton Varachathu – these are only some of the brilliant dishes served in the South Indian restaurants of Delhi.

Coast Café in Hauz Khas Village and Mahabelly in Saket are two of the most popular and most authentic South Indian restaurants in Delhi.
Belgian Cuisine is varied in its own, a mixture of French, German and Dutch food. In Delhi, Belgian cuisine has undergone another significant change and has become greatly influenced by a number of Indian recipes.

Belgian breakfast is very popular in Delhi, packed with a selection of salads, toasts, smoked salmon, anchovies and especially cooked eggs. A number of Belgian desserts, i.e. Korenmarkt and Daabstraat have also gained popularity here. A good place to try Belgian breakfast or brunch is at the Di Ghant restaurant in Gurgaon. The Belgian Fries is a great family place in Jawahar Nagar and The Belgian Waffles is the go-to place for breakfast and brunch options.
Although the Armenian travelers landed first in Kolkata back in the colonial times, it is only recently that Armenian cuisine has become popular in Delhi. Lavaash by Saby in Mehruli is a famous Armenian restaurant in Delhi, owned by the celebrity chefs Megha and Sabyasachi Gorai. These two chefs lived among Armenians in their childhoos in West Bengal, and learned to love and cook their food. For anyone who loves Armenian food or has never tasted it, a trip to Lavaash by Saby is a must, especially to try their tolma, khorovars and other authentic barbeque dishes.
Just like everything else in India, the cuisines available in Delhi and varied and unique. A variety of nationalities live here peacefully, side by side; they all share a common bond: fascination for this amazing country and the love for good food.

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