4 of the Best Places to See in Brazil
Brazil is not only the largest country of South America, but an absolutely fascinating place to visit. Although globally known for football, carnivals, and beaches, Brazil also has a culture, history, and food to share with international travelers and locals alike.

Waterfalls, and mountains, tropical beaches and the fascinating Amazon Forest – there are so many natural sites in Brazil for everyone to experience! However, if you want to experience the local culture and town life of the Brazilian people, there are 4 locations stand out from the rest because of their diversity and vivaciousness.
Rio de Janeiro

The name says it all! This is the most vibrant, the largest and the most populated city in Brazil. The nightlife here is marvelous, as are the coastline and the green mountains surrounding the city. If you truly want to experience the flavors of Brazil, this is definitely the place to start. Rio is a heaven for adventure seekers and offers adrenaline-pumping tours that range from hang gliding to rock climbing.

Perhaps the two most popular sights of Rio are the Ipanema Beach and the famous "Christ the Redeemer" statue on the top of the Corcovado Mountain. Tourists usually flock here at the beginning of the year, from February to April, to be a part of the iconic Carnival of Brazil that takes place every year. While Rio has been a popular getaway for decades and is therefor not by any means "off the beaten path", there is a reason that it is such an iconic destination. Despite the crowds, it's worth it!

Founded in 1549 by the Portuguese, Salvador is one of the oldest cities in the Americas, North- and South America. The carnivals and the outdoor parties that are held here during tourist season make Salvador one of the most exciting and unique places to be in the world. Located beside the sea, this is an absolutely beautiful city with ancient cobblestone streets, beautiful one- and two-storied buildings and colorful colonial houses.

Salvador is mostly known for it's historical buildings, sacred churches and cathedrals, museums, and stunning, paradise-like beaches, like Farro da Barra.

São Paulo

São Paulo is one of the fastest developing cities in the world, and it is Brazil's financial center. This beautiful getaway location next to the sea has a rich architectural tradition, ranging from neo-Gothical cathedrals to modernist curved condos. The wide beaches have a luxurious rainforest as a backdrop and are perfect for relaxing after a few exciting days exploring this busy metropolis. São Paolo is especially a foodie paradise with plenty of world-class restaurants to try, from kappo Japanese techniques to Italian and French haute cuisine to traditional Brazilian Peruvian dishes with seafood .
Iguazu Falls
From the relaxing to the breathtaking: a trip to Brazil will be incomplete without visiting the Iguazu Falls. This is not a single waterfall, but rather a series of more than 270 big and small waterfalls along the Brazilian border shared with Argentina and Paraguay. There is also plenty of wildlife to photograph and greenery to explore in this area!

The Devil's Throat, in particular, is a stunning cluster of 14 waterfalls that generate a perpetual rainbow in the sky.

In terms of excitement, these places in Brazil can compete with some of the most exciting tourist attractions of the world. Rich in heritage, nature and entertainment, Brazil is not to be missed when you are planning your next trip.

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